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Road systemRoad plate

ROAD SYSTEM road plates are an excellent way to quickly and economically harden the surface. They are very durable and adapt to the ground well.

Ideal for use on construction site access roads, temporary parking lots, to protect against damage and rutting of sensitive surfaces. The solid structure strengthens and stabilizes the surface in construction, earthworks, mining and logistics. The plates are also perfect for entertainment and sports events.

Their assembly is easy and quick. The material used for production is 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. It is characterized by high strength and flexibility as well as resistance to weather conditions. The plates can be used for many years, and most importantly, they can be moved to another place, if necessary.

100% recycling

The material used for the production of the road plates is 100% recycled. A specially created mixture of raw materials ensures optimal performance parameters and endurance


Perfect quality at the best price. Thanks to a special mixture of plastic and advanced production technology, road plates are an excellent alternative to heavy and time-consuming concrete plates. Competitive price in relation to foreign substitutes.

Polish product

They are produced in a company that has been processing plastics for almost 40 years. Many years of experience gained in the industry allowed us to design plates with excellent technical and visual qualities.

for concrete plates



Weight Weight12-17-33 kg/sqm* The maximum area of the plates in one transport The maximum area of the plates in one transport600-1800 sqm* Transportation by truck with a crane Transportation by truck with a craneno Unloading Unloadingwith a forklift, backhoe loader or pallet truck - if the car is equipped with an elevator Installation Installationmanual in teams of two Resistance Resistancehigh resistance to low and high temperatures, the surface does not heat up Appearance Appearanceaesthetically made, do not get chipped Price of transport Price of transportabout 50% lower Purchase price Purchase pricecomparable

* Depending on the thickness


Concrete plates

Weight350-500 kg/sqm* The maximum area of the plates in one transport50-70 sqm* Transportation by truck with a craneyes Unloadingwith a crane Installationwith a crane Resistancelow temperature resistance, in combination with water, the surface may crack Appearanceheavy optically and physically Price of transportabout 50% higher due to the crane Purchase pricecomparable

* Depending on the thickness

* Depending on the thickness


Przesuń, by zobaczyć porównanie


Without a doubt, our ROAD SYSTEM road plate is an extremely versatile solution. It is suitable for various types of construction projects, as well as in utility or recreational applications. How can ROAD SYSTEM road plates be used?

Construction work

Engineering work

Wind farms

Events and concerts

Electrical installations


Mining industry


Transport and logistics





Fast assembly

The area of one plate is 2.16 or 2.88 m2 (depending on the model). The large format of the board ensures the arrangement of large surfaces in a short period of time. The plates are best placed in teams of two.

Economical transport

The transport of the plates does not require the use of specialized transport and unloading equipment - a forklift or a backhoe loader is enough at the place of delivery. The plates can also be delivered by car with a lift.

Low weight

Depending on the intended use, the plate weighs 27/37/97 kg which means that no special equipment is required for its assembly. The plates can be easily carried by two people.


The plates can be used in industry, public places and for private purposes. They strengthen temporary roads, parking lots and squares. They are also suitable for places intended for pedestrian traffic, during the organization of sports, party or other events.

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