Fast assembly

The area of one plate is 2.16 or 2.88 m2 (depending on the model). The large format of the board ensures the arrangement of large surfaces in a short period of time. The plates are best placed in teams of two.

Economical transport

The transport of the plates does not require the use of specialized transport and unloading equipment - a forklift or a backhoe loader is enough at the place of delivery. The plates can also be delivered by car with a lift.

Low weight

Depending on the intended use, the plate weighs 27/37/85 kg which means that no special equipment is required for its assembly. The plates can be easily carried by two people.

Multiple uses

The plates can be used in industry, public places and for private purposes. They strengthen temporary roads, parking lots and squares. They are also suitable for places intended for pedestrian traffic, during the organization of sports, party or other events.

Double-sided assembly

The plates have protrusions all over their surface. Their height varies depending on the product side. As a result, the same plates can be adapted to foot traffic (lower tabs) or wheel traffic to prevent wheel skidding (higher tabs).


They can be recycled which makes them environmentally friendly. The material which the plates are made of can be reused in another product, so you can give them a "second life".

Possibility of multiple use

They can be easily moved to another place, just unscrew the screws and remove the connectors. No special equipment is needed to reinstall them. They are easy in transport and reassembly.

Minimized soil deformation

They easily adapt to the surface smoothing out any unevenness. They also have a protective function for the substrate so that it does not get damaged during use.

Plate thickness

Depending on the model, the plates are 1.25 and 2 cm and 4 cm thick (with protrusions of 2, 3 and 4.3 cm, respectively) which ensures comfortable entry even with specialized construction equipment.

Increased comfort of work

They are very convenient both in assembly / disassembly and use. The double-sided structure of the plates has been designed taking into account the height of the anti-skid tabs - lower for the convenience of pedestrian traffic and higher for increased safety of wheeled vehicles

Mud reduction

The special design of the anti-skid tabs prevents the mud from sticking to the wheels of vehicles. By arranging the plates with the surface intended for vehicular traffic upwards, we eliminate the problem of mud accumulation and wheel slip.