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Nighttime oversized transport.


Transporting wind turbine components is a logistical challenge that requires a thorough analysis of the route. Long elements often do not fit on roads, requiring special treatment. At one of the turns, it was necessary to reinforce the ground so that the equipment could easily pass through.


The solution to this problem is the use of special road plates, such as the RS400 plate made of durable plastic. It allows the ground to be reinforced in places where the equipment cannot make a sharp turn, enabling the safe transportation of wind turbine components.


Thanks to the use of road plates and proper preparation of the transportation route, it is possible to safely and effectively transport wind turbine components. Oversized transport requires special caution and precise organization. Disassembly of poles and specialized signage arrangement are necessary to carry out the transportation safely. Without proper preparation and the implementation of specialized transportation solutions, accomplishing such a task would be impossible.

In addition, the transportation of wind turbine components requires cooperation and coordination among many companies and specialists, such as drivers, crane operators, engineers, and logistics managers. Therefore, organizing such a task requires careful planning, coordination, and communication among the involved parties.

Below, we present a video of a night ride, during which we use our boards.


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