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Temporary access road


A recycling company needed to create an internal road that would enable safe transportation of trucks carrying raw materials. It was important that the road be made of durable materials, allow for safe movement and not be a source of danger to workers.


To quickly and easily create the road, it was decided to use ROAD SYSTEM 200 plastic road plates. This eliminated the need to prepare the ground, except for removing any irregularities. The road plates were connected together in a way that enabled even distribution of the load, using ROAD SYSTEM LINK 200 connectors.


The road made of ROAD SYSTEM 200 plates proved to be an effective solution. Every day, several vehicles, including even 40-ton trucks, travel on it without any problems. The plates proved to be durable and resistant to weather conditions. Additional advantages of plastic road plates include their ease of installation and dismantling, as well as low operating and maintenance costs. And if needed, they can be moved and used elsewhere on the company’s premises.


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