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Temporary surface on the beach


On the beach in Kolobrzeg, a solution was sought to harden the surface so that the wheels of the water rescue vehicles would not bury themselves in the sand. What was needed was a fortification that does not require the entry of specialised equipment and can be quickly dismantled after the season.


ROAD SYSTEM 125 plates were laid on the levelled sandy substrate. This solution was chosen for its ease of installation, using dedicated ROAD SYSTEM LINK 125 connectors. The panels were joined by the longer side, achieving an optimum width of 1.8 m. The board weighs 27 kg, so the installation was carried out by a two-person team, using only a screwdriver.


Rescuers no longer have to fear that the rescue operation will be delayed due to bogging wheels. The plates stabilise the ground perfectly and the tabs on their surface provide excellent grip. Wherever every second counts, it is worth betting on proven solutions.


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