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Temporary road at the dam


Metrostav a.s., one of the largest Czech construction companies, working on behalf of the state enterprise Povodí Vltavy, was tasked with creating a temporary pavement to be used on the main road exit to the Orlík Dam. It was necessary to choose a solution that could withstand the load of heavy equipment travelling intensively on the road. The chosen option also had to meet the safety and passability requirements of the temporary road, as it was located on a slope.


The best solution turned out to be the ROAD SYSTEM 200 road plates, which were laid with the higher tabs upwards. This improved the passability of the temporary road even in less favourable weather conditions (morning frost or rain). The construction company made a solid substructure on which the plastic road plates were laid. The sub-base layer was made of a 20 cm layer of aggregate with a 60-80 mm fraction and a 10 cm layer of well compacted clay gravel. The two layers were separated by a geotextile.


The developer appreciated the quick and easy installation, and the road began to perform its purpose within 24 hours of delivery. ROAD SYSTEM 200 road plates handled all the traffic on this section without any problems. In the next phase, it is envisaged that the road slabs will be dismantled and reused in another construction section.


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