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Temporary construction road in the Czech Republic


The main requirement of the city of Brno as an investor was to create a temporary traffic organization through the construction site. IMOS BRNO as, one of the largest construction companies in Brno, was responsible for implementing this task.


To create the temporary road, plastic road panels ROAD SYSTEM 125 – 330 pieces and 1300 ROAD SYSTEM LINK 125 connectors were chosen. A temporary road was built to allow for smooth passage through the construction site. After leveling the ground, the construction company used gravel bedding to reinforce the ground. Broken aggregate was used ranging in size from fine fractions of 0-8 mm to coarse fractions of 3-6 cm. This combination of aggregates is the most stable and easiest to compact.


The biggest surprise for the construction company was the quick and easy installation of all 330 panels along with the connectors. The 200-meter road was laid by just two workers.


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