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Protecting the Sidewalks in Brno Park


The municipal office in Brno demanded that the construction company provide adequate protection for the cobblestone sidewalks during the construction project in the vicinity of the Mahen Theater and adjacent park. Trucks with a capacity of over 10 tons were to travel on the sidewalks.


The solution that was implemented was to create a temporary road from ROAD SYSTEM 200 panels. These panels are made entirely of recycled materials and are easy to assemble. Their design provides adequate load capacity, durability, and resistance, ensuring the safety and reliability requirements needed for heavy traffic.


This protection prevented damage and deformation of the cobblestone sidewalks. Additional costs for sidewalk repairs would unnecessarily increase the cost of the entire project. After the construction work was completed, the installation workers easily dismantled the ROAD SYSTEM 200 panels and used them for the next project.


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