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Preparing a turn for an oversize transport


The goal was to ensure a safe passage for an oversize transport through a turn on a narrow road. Such transports require special conditions, such as the appropriate width and strength of the surface, to prevent any damages. In this case, it was necessary to find an effective solution that would allow for a fast and safe crossing of this road section.


To meet this task, it was decided to quickly reinforce the surface with ROAD SYSTEM 400 plates, which are characterized by high durability, wear resistance, and easy installation. An important advantage of these plates is that they do not require special preparation of the ground, except for removing the biggest irregularities.


Thanks to the use of ROAD SYSTEM 400 plates, the oversize transport passed through the turn without any problems or complications, which accelerated the crossing time. An additional advantage was that the logistics operation was planned in advance, which avoided delays and other unforeseen problems.

Plastic road plates are becoming an increasingly popular solution for transport companies that need to transport oversize loads through narrow roads, turns, and roundabouts. With them, it is possible to quickly and effectively reinforce the road surface without the need for lengthy construction work. However, it is worth remembering that oversize transport requires proper preparation and coordination to ensure safety on the road and avoid unnecessary complications.


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