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Organisation of oversize transport


Oversized cargo transport is a process that requires special attention, knowledge, and skills. It includes the transportation of goods with exceptionally large dimensions or weight that exceed the standard dimensions of loads. Such transports require special equipment and vehicles as well as appropriate preparation of road infrastructure.

One of the most challenging aspects of oversized transport is maneuvering around roundabouts. Long vehicles are unable to make a turn on such a roundabout, which can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Therefore, such roundabouts must be secured to allow transports to travel straight.


Proper protection of roundabouts can be achieved by using special plates, such as ROAD SYSTEM 400 plates with dimensions of 2.4×1.2m or ROAD SYSTEM 200 plates with dimensions of 1.8×1.2m. They are economical, durable, and easy to lay. These plates do not require the use of a crane to lay, which speeds up the process of preparing the oversized transport route.


Thanks to the use of ROAD SYSTEM plates, it is possible to easily and quickly secure roundabouts during oversized transport. This solution allows for safe transport, minimizes delays, and ensures safety for other road users.

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