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Nighttime oversized transport.

Transporting large wind turbine components poses a massive logistical challenge, and its success requires careful planning and preparation. Before embarking on the journey, it is essential to meticulously plan the route and obtain all the necessary permits. Due to the enormous size and weight of wind turbines, standard roads often cannot handle such challenges, making it necessary to focus on detailed preparations and safeguards.

One of the key issues to address is the curves or bends, which are often too narrow to accommodate such a massive load. To ensure a smooth and safe passage, special solutions like high-strength plates such as ROAD SYSTEM 400 are employed. These plates are designed to withstand the heaviest loads and provide stability during turns. Additionally, lighter plates like ROAD SYSTEM 125 or ROAD SYSTEM 200 can be used to protect surfaces, sidewalks, and other infrastructure elements that may be affected during transport.

It’s worth emphasizing that the use of these innovative solutions not only ensures effective protection during transportation but also contributes to environmental conservation. These plates are eco-friendly and reusable, reducing the generation of excessive waste. Another advantage is their portability, allowing them to be used on subsequent routes, regardless of the location.

Below is a video showcasing a nighttime transport using our plates.

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