ROAD SYSTEM road plates are versatile in their use – they are not just a temporary hardening of the ground for a construction site entrance. They also work well as protection for sensitive surfaces.

The multitude of applications is one of the many advantages of plastic road plates.

The old towns of most cities in Poland, in addition to historical compact buildings, are characterized by historic cobblestone surfaces. However, on many occasions, modernisation works are carried out, during which heavy construction equipment has to enter the inner city. This was the situation during the redevelopment of the Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce. At the time, a cost-effective solution was sought to ensure that the pavement was adequately protected.
The ROAD SYSTEM 200 boards have performed excellently. Thanks to their low weight – only 37 kg – they are easy
to install, and these are not the only benefits of their use:

  • unloading and assembly without a crane
  • manual laying of slabs in two-person teams
  • installation of connectors using only the screwdriver
  • economic transport

The theatre, which is located in the heart of the city centre, was a logistical challenge, so the revitalisation became quite a conundrum for the construction company. More than 3,500 cubic metres of rubble had to be hauled away along the narrow historic streets. With such an intensity of heavy vehicle traffic, adequate protection was required.

The 2 cm thick recycled plastic road plates, which were laid on top of the existing ground, guaranteed the safe passage of heavy transports. The strength of the ROAD SYSTEM 200 board is as high as 50 tonnes/sqm, on dry cured ground.

The specially designed design of the tabs minimises the risk of slipping, further reducing mud from under the wheels.

The plates can be laid on both sides – the lower tabs are for pedestrian traffic, while the higher tabs are for vehicular traffic. In Kielce, due to the predominance of vehicle traffic, it was decided
to install the higher splines upwards.


With a size of 120×180 cm (2.16 sq m), the ROAD SYSTEM 200 offers the possibility of quickly assembling even large areas.
When using the plates, it is extremely important to observe the speed limit of 10 km/h.
ROAD SYSTEM is an excellent alternative to concrete, aluminium or wooden road plates.

More than 400 ROAD SYSTEM 200 boards were used in the implementation in Kielce.
The most important parameters of this model:

Dimensions [cm]120×180
Area [m2]2,16
Thickness [cm]2,00
Thickness with tabs [cm]3,00
Weight [kg]37
Strength [t] Even load on the entire plate – hardened, dry substrate50
Strength [t] Uniform load on the entire plate – unhardened, dry35